Check List

Listed below is a checklist of items needed to be submitted to the Okinawa Family Court. Remember: at least one spouse must be present for the submission of these items alongside our interpreter in order to receive a court date.

  • A copy of both the Applicant’s and the Respondent’s birth certificate OR passport.

  • A copy of the marriage certificate.

  • A copy of state divorce law pertaining to both parties. Research concerning applicable state law will be conducted by Okinawa Divorce, including further information on child custody or distribution of property if needed.

  • A signed affidavit from the legal services office if either the Respondent or Applicant is a US service member, or an affidavit received from the US consulate in Okinawa.

  • If the Applicant or Respondent are civilians and are registered at the local city office, a copy of their alien registration is necessary.

Each document will be translated by our offices to be presented at family court.

Break down of additional fees for documentation:

Court Fees:

1×1000 YEN stamp

+ 1×200 YEN stamp = 1200 YEN

The court fees are signified by stamps placed on the divorce application once all documents have been collected together.

Postage Fees:

5×82 YEN postage stamps

+ 5×50 YEN postage stamps

+ 10×20 YEN postage stamps

+ 5×10 YEN postage stamps

+ 5×2 YEN postage stamps = 920 YEN

                  Stamps will be purchased beforehand by our company and added as an additional service charge.

An application form and exemplified copy of conciliation record with revenue stamp of 150 YEN per page. These stamps will be taken care of on the day your application is submitted with our interpreter.

For a printable pdf checklist click HERE.