How does it work?

For two US citizens to divorce, both must be in mutual agreement and follow THREE steps:

Step One:

Specific documents must be provided to translate from English to Japanese. Documents include, but are not limited to: certificates of birth, an affidavit, applicable state side divorce law, and a certificate of marriage. Once the divorce application is completed by Okinawa Divorce, at least one spouse must accompany our interpreter to the court office to submit the application for a court date.

Step Two:

Depending on the influx of applications for the courts, finalising a court date can take between one to three months and cannot be expedited. Both parties must be present at the court hearing and will be appointed court selected interpreters who specialise in divorce. Each interpreter charges approximately 20 000 YEN per hour. Once the proceedings have ended, a divorce decree will be issued.

Step Three:

The divorce decree will be sent to the given mailing address and can take up to one month to arrive. Once the decree has been received, Okinawa Divorce will promptly translate the documentation in order to be accepted by US legal services. Retain the original copy of the divorce decree to present alongside the translation.