Grounds for Divorce in Okinawa, Japan

Grounds for Divorce in Okinawa, Japan

Grounds for Divorce

Below are grounds for divorce you may choose on the Divorce Application when submitting a Divorce petition in Japan.

1. Incompatibility

This is the most selected grounds for divorce. When there is no exact cause such as infidelity, violence, or debt, by one of the parties, and the parties simply wish to get divorce, incompatibility would be the appropriate choice. Because no fault can be placed on either party under incompatibility, the parties cannot demand alimony or compensation from one another.

2. Love Life


3. Domestic Violence

Physical abuse.

4. Excessive Drinking


5. Sexual Discord

One party continuously rejects to engage in sexual intercourse. If neither party is willing to engage in the same, it does not count as sexual discord, but will be deemed “incompatibility”.

6. Wasteful Habits

One party spends most of his/her money on unnecessary things such as gambling or shopping AND will not contribute to the couple’s living expenses (desertion).

7. Illness

One party developed severe mental illness or with no chance of recovery.

8. Emotional Abuse

9. Does not care about the family

10. Does not get along with the family

11. Does not agree to live together

12. Does not contribute to living expenses

13. Other

Material ground other than above that is making it difficult to continue marital relationship.

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