General Divorce in Okinawa

When two US nationals wish to file a divorce in Japan, such couple must go through the Japanese court system instead of filing at a city office nearby. Before considering filing a divorce in Japan, make sure you apply to all of the following details:

-Your remaining length of stay in Japan: At least 3 months of remaining time of stay in Japan is necessary for all parties, as both the petitioner and the respondent (and children, if any) shall all be present on the hearing day.

-Budget: Document translation fees, interpreter fees, and fees to pay to the court are all necessary parts of the divorce procedure. Although these payments will be paid by you at different times within the procedure and not all at once, be sure to acquaint yourself with the total cost, as your case will not be processed without punctual payment. Total cost of divorce for every couple is similar but different. Contact us today for a quote for your case.

-Mutual Agreement: The type of divorce for this procedure is called a “mutual agreement divorce.” Because of this, both parties must mutually consent to filing a divorce and settle all particulars (child custody, property division, etc.) before the hearing date.

-Paperwork: Parties filing a divorce must submit all necessary documents required by the court. Without submitting these documents, you may not be able to get divorce in Japan at all. Contact us today for more details on the documents you must prepare for your particular situation.

In addition, anyone who is submitting paperwork or visiting the court for any other reasons, but does not have adequate Japanese language (reading, writing, and speaking) skills in order to go through legal process shall be accompanied by an interpreter.

Okinawa Translator has been helping couples go through the Japanese court system for divorce and other matters for more than 10 years. We are well versed in this process and can provide assistance with proficient services throughout your divorce.