Divorce Procedure in Okinawa, Japan for Two U.S. Nationals [A Step-by-Step Guide]

Divorce Procedure in Okinawa, Japan for Two U.S. Nationals [A Step-by-Step Guide]


Before initiating a divorce process in Japan, two U.S. nationals shall meet the following conditions:

– Both parties are in mutual agreement with divorce.

– Both parties have a period of stay of at least three-months on the island

Step 1. Prepare Documents

The first step is to prepare all documents required by the Family Court. Provide the following documents to us via E-mail, and we will do the rest!

□ Passport OR Birth Certificate of All Parties

□ Affidavit for Divorce, notarized by a notary officer on base

□ Marriage Certificate

Step 2. Apply for Divorce

After the documents have been prepared, you will go to the Family Court in Okinawa City with our interpreter. There, you will submit the documents to the Court in order to officially apply for divorce.

Step 3. Pay Deposit

Once your case goes through, you will visit the Family Court again with our interpreter to pay the deposit for a court-appointed interpreter. We will let you know the exact amount once it is confirmed, as each case is assigned different deposit amount depending on the details of the case.

Step 4. Hearing

On the hearing date, the Petitioner and the Respondent will both show up to court. After a hearing, your divorce is finalized and decreed.

Step 5. Divorce Decree

After receiving your Divorce Decree, take a picture or scan all pages and send them to our E-mail. We will translate the Divorce Decree in 1-2 days.

Step 6. Submit Divorce Decree to Base Legal Office

Take your original Divorce Decree from the Japanese Family Court along with the translations we provide you to the legal office on base in order to officially register your divorce on the US side.

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Okinawa Divorce is official legal translation company with a office in Chatan Town, Okinawa. We specifically help US service members, along with civilians get divorced in Okinawa. We provide the easiest way to get divorced in Okinawa by helping customers choose the path of a mutual agreement divorce.