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Two other options for those seeking divorce are to file in Guam or through stateside law.

For those considering traveling to Guam:

For a non-resident of Guam, one spouse must fly to Guam and and remain there for seven days. The divorce is completed approximately two to three weeks after your stay.

Prices in Guam begin at $1100 USD, including filing fees; however, there are the costs of the flight, food, and hotel room to consider as well.

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For those considering stateside law:

The law typically allows for the filing of a divorce in the state where either the husband or wife has residency.

Texas, as an example, requires one of the divorcing parties to have resided in Texas for at least six months previous to the filing. You can complete all the needed documents online and pay a filing fee of $250 USD; however, according to Texas law, spouses must wait 61 days from the date of filing before appearing in court and finalising the divorce. One spouse can waive the right to show in court if the divorce is uncontested.